Qi Gong and Meditation Master, renown expert in Holistic Technology, featured in Supreme Master TV and FreedÔm Generation TV, Elitom El-Amin teaches the Science of Health, through Energy work, since the year 2000. 

Elitom has mastered the Art of living on Energy, and lives food and water free, with more than 16 years of experience in this energetic and scientific path.

He now shares his deep knowledge and experience in the field of Human Photosynthesis and Holistic Technology, worldwide.

Author of the books : “It’s Ok to Be Healthy”, and “Human Photosynthesis 101”, Elitom's purpose is that Humanity gets more and more tuned to its natural Human capacities, in order to better live together in Peace & Harmony.



Elitom El-Amin explains the Technology of living on Energy. The foundation is Energy Conductivity of the Body : Once activated, the human body can become a "super conductor" of Energy and experience living on Energy alone. This Technology is the wave of the future, as Energy can be utilized from the Energetic Matrix for health, well being and self-sustainability.

Elitom El-Amin demystifies the Process of living on Energy. He reveals the Science of the Homeostasis Process of the body, and shows how it is constantly in tune with Light Synthesis and atmospheric changes in nature for health and well being.

The book of Elitom El-Amin inspired me a lot. It perfectly describes the age we are living in. It guides us step by step towards the encounter of Health, by making us aware of the sleepiness in which Humanity has dived itself in... The limpidity and clarity of the writing make it easy to read this very particular subject for our still "sleeping" society. It is very pleasant to read and very rich ; scattered with humorous pieces, here and there. Elitom El-Amin insists a lot on the power of thought that offers us, if properly used, a world with unlimited possibilities. He allows us to understand the functioning of the organism, which is where, as he mentions, is "the heart of the work". If we know how to use our body properly, everything is possible. The body is our vessel on earth ; the one that will make us taste this limitless life, if only we bring it the right "fuel" : Physical exercises, luminous thoughts, live and raw food or even pranic food... to eventually throw away our old beliefs and limitations in the bin and replace them with conscious creative thoughts ! This book gives me hope and the power to choose to re-pick the control of my matter to live a life of energy with no "hunger"... I profoundly thank you Elitom El-Amin. This book is a gift that opens up a new path towards all possibilities : I cannot better recommend the reading of this book.

Shanahan Guggenheim, Yoga Instructor

If I was to retain only one sentence of the book "It's OK to be Healthy", it would be this one : "It (Health) made me greater than the kings of the earth. It showed me the ignorance of the magicians and the sorcerer’s. The strong warriors of the earth became weak and vanished before my eyes. Can you understand, one who is ignorant?" For all those who went through the awakening paths, we indeed know that it is not the knowing that enlightens us but actually the Source of life. Thus, Elitom El-Amin is infinitely right in reminding ourselves this truth : "Happy are the light spirited!" This amazing book is not, therefore, a list of knowledges and techniques to integrate and understand, but rather a pure energy of transformation to grab and incarnate in our daily lives. Thanks to simple anchoring and good sense, Elitom El-Amin embarks us on an unusual "health" journey, in which we become the center : We are the creators of our sufferings, weakening diseases, torturing thoughts. Modifying these parameters is now finally reachable for us, by integrating full awareness, by modifying our mind structure, our beliefs, our projections. Elitom El-Amin symbolizes the coming of a new potential : This is not the age that imposes us "physical declining" but actually our being who structures fullness by unifying psychic health and physical health. Health is much more than a science, it is a state of being, here is the reality that this book smoothly, joyfully and sincerely reveals to us.

Mesnet Joséphau-Charrier, Quantum Therapist

The books "It's OK to be Healthy" and "Human Photosynthesis 101" have the power to tremendously impact your life in a positive way. I cannot better recommend them to anyone who is willing to really understand the science of human photosynthesis and energy work. I have been myself : Living, practicing and sharing, for 7 years now, what Elitom El-Amin calls "Holistic Technologies", through the use of cognitive thinking, and solar energy applied to human cells, and yes, it completely shifted my life to another dimension of Health, Wellness & Awareness. 

Every word contained in this piece of work is the signature of a peaceful and compassionate vibration offered by Elitom El-Amin to the World. 

MaryÂm, Designer & Holistic Entrepreneur

We are carbon base beings, living in the carbon cycle here on Earth. Our bodies are great conductors of energy. 

To conduct energies, the materials like copper, aluminum, platinum, gold, silver, actually do it on their own but slowly with some force. 

A person must focus and channel the energy via thought. Thoughts are energy, intent. The mind can consecrate the object to raise the vibration or conductivity of electron flow, and in my teachings, I tell you how.



FINALLY FOUND is a Captivating Film Documentary on the relation between your Health, Happiness and Life Mission.


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